Cerakote Ceramic Handgun Coating



Cerakote Handgun coatings from Byers Gunworks are available in just about any color you can imagine.  Our application process has a lifetime guarantee not to crack, ship, peel or flake.
Our process includes completely stripping off the existing finish along with multiple steps of sanding, polishing, washes and prep work before we even crack open a paint can.  After multiple coats of paint, we finish off with a high quality spit shine and send it back.
For color options, we include the price direct from Cerakote for their coatings (Click Here) and charge $15 for each component (Slide/Frame/Base Plate) regardless of what color you choose, even if we need to order it just for you and it sits on the shelf for a year because no one like the color ‘Mojito’.
We also charge for disassembly, light cleaning, reassembly and a functional test depending on Type.

We do not charge for return shipping.