Kydex Holster


Kydex Battleship Gray
Kydex Black
Kydex Blood Red
Kydex Brown
Kydex Bubblegum
Kydex Coyote Brown
Kydex Desert Fox
Kydex Desert Tan
Kydex EMT Red
Kydex Flat Dark Earth Fall
Kydex Flat Dark Earth Spring
Kydex Green
Kydex Hot Pink
Kydex Hunter Orange
Kydex Olive Drab
Kydex Police Blue
Kydex Purple Haze
Kydex Storm Gray
Kydex Tiffany Blue
Kydex Zombie Green
Buckle Clip
Paddle Clip
Quick Clip


This custom molded holster is individually made for all commercially available firearms.  This version uses Kylex which is a thermoplastic acrylic-polyvinyl material also used in aircraft bulkheads and knife sheaths.

Additional information

Kydex Color

Kydex Battleship Gray, Kydex Black, Kydex Blood Red, Kydex Brown, Kydex Bubblegum, Kydex Coyote Brown, Kydex Desert Fox, Kydex Desert Tan, Kydex EMT Red, Kydex Flat Dark Earth Fall, Kydex Flat Dark Earth Spring, Kydex Green, Kydex Hot Pink, Kydex Hunter Orange, Kydex Olive Drab, Kydex Police Blue, Kydex Purple Haze, Kydex Storm Gray, Kydex Tiffany Blue, Kydex Zombie Green

Holster Clip Type

Buckle Clip, Paddle Clip, Quick Clip


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